To take advantage of quadrennial press invasion for the Iowa
caucuses, Fred devised Great Midwestern’s Presidential Ice Cream Poll.
A flavor was assigned to each candidate and popularity was determined by how much ice cream was sold in a candidate's name.

Flavors were renamed to reflect the candidates' traits - Bush’s Preppymint, Kemp’s Quarterback Crunch, Gephardt’s St. Louis Bluesberry, and Simon’s BowTie Brickle to name a few. For the candidate who dropped out of the race because of an extramarital affair, there was Hart’s Donna Rice Cream.

Press interviews poured in from all over the world. Various incarnations of the story kept making the wire services over a six month span. At the end of the primary season, the ice creams were served at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans and at a Democratic Fundraiser held in Washington DC.

Dukakis' Massachewy Chocolate won the Democratic poll and Dole’s Top Banana won the Republican. On caucus day, Fred appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and CBS Morning News. A photo of Fred handing Governor Dukakis his winning flavor made the front page of the Washington Post.

Senator Dole, upon receiving his winning flavor, made a campaign promise, saying, “Fred, I owe you one.” Fred tried to collect on it at various times over the years but was never successful.

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